Acreditación de formación continuada

Continuing Training Accreditation

The training received by health professionals is a key element for the development of an appropriate attention to the health of citizens.

Quality healthcare requires quality training.

That is why, within the dimensions that are the subject of their certification work, ACSA also includes continuing training, i.e. the type of training health professionals receive in the scope of their job functions.

ACSA is the responsible body in Andalucía for evaluating the quality of the different elements involved in the design of any activity and training programme for the different health jobs. The Consejería de Salud de la Junta de Andalucía (in English, Health Department of the Regional Government of Andalucía) is the accrediting body. Since its inception in 2003, ACSA has accredited more than 32,200 actions related to clinical practice, health management, public health, research, teaching and quality.

What do we accredit?

Continuing Training Activities

Training actions aimed at making health professionals acquire, update or improve competence in their specific field of knowledge and action.
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Continuing Training Programmes

A set of two or more activities organised and structured related to the same topic with the common objective of acquiring, updating or developing one or several specific skills in a same area.
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In addition to the accreditation of programmes and activities, ACSA also has a programme for the Accreditation of Training Centres and Units for health professionals.

How to accredit?

Continuing training accreditation is the result of the process that allows certify the quality in the design of training activities and programmes. This accreditation is valid inside the whole Spanish territory.

Inicio del proceso

Phase 1 Beginning of the Process

The training provider begins the process of accreditation of its activities and training programmes by registering on the support application ‘ME_jora F’.

Phase 2 Application/Self-assessment

The provider’s person/s in charge will proceed to complete the application and provide all the information related to the design of a given activity or training programme according to quality criteria. In the case of programmes, reflection is made on what we do well (positive evidence) and on areas for improvement. This is called ‘Self-Assessment Phase’.

Phase 3 Assessment

The team of surveyors assesses the quality of the design of the activity or programme described in the previous phase, as well as the adequacy and interrelation between its components. To do this, it takes into account the parameters established by the Continuing Education Commission and quality criteria developed in Andalucía. The result of the assessment is summarised by a parameter called qualitative component.

Phase 4 Accreditation and follow-up

Following the assessment of ACSA and on the basis of the qualitative component proposed by the surveyors, the accrediting body issues a statement with the resulting accreditation status -Accredited or Non-Accredited- and the number of credits assigned.
To learn more about the Continuing Training Accreditation process and quality standards you can refer to: Continuing Training Accreditation Comprehensive Programme

Certification results

See all the results of certification processes

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