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Professional Development

In ACSA we foster the Competency-Based Management Model through the implementation of collaborative spaces and support tools for the different processes of training and career development.

Competency Maps and Specific Training Paths

Mapas de competencias
We design methodology and coordinate any due assignment in order to provide healthcare organisations with competency maps and specific training paths. They need to be agreed on and validated. Competency maps define the skills to be developed by professionals in order to deal with specific healthcare situations or issues. This has to be done through the use of specific techniques and procedures. They should also be able to tackle healthcare issues linked to different target groups such as children, teenagers, chronic patients and approach to pain or patients in palliative care situation.
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Individual Development Plan Management

The Individual Career Plan Management Model allows the planning of training actions and enhancement of professionals performance in order to fill the existing gap between their current skills and those required for the position. This model focuses on what the professional can do and prove by means of objectively assessable evidence. It also ensures the adequacy and quality of training actions, since the plans respond to real individual career needs.
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Training Programmes for the Implementation of Competency-Based Management Model

Our professional careers team designs and carries out specific training programmes for the implementation of Competency-Based Management Model in healthcare and social welfare organisations. These programmes are conducted through blended learning making use of virtual communities of practice and e-learning.
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Web Tools

We offer professionals and health and welfare centres different tools that provide support to our products, career plans and training processes.

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