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Miércoles 28 de julio de 2021
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Overall Strategy

D. Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy)

The Institution agrees to publish this overall strategy (all three parts) on its website within one month after the signature of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education by the European Commission.

Our institution's international strategy includes the selection of partners with English or any other official European language, which offer our students the opportunity to develope in a personal and professional way, keeping in mind our students and staff educational requirements.

a) We would like to choose partners which offer catering industry teaching (cook, waiter, bakery)

b) We would like to arrange this mobility with European countries.

c) Our mobility is target to the short cycles to study and training in catering industry.

Our strategy consists in develop a specific project to innovate tools and approaches of strategies of HEI levels competences credits validation by each student or staff and to disseminate the results, aimed to outline our policies in Erasmus.

European mobility represents an important role within the professional future of our students. They need to realize about the importance of being part of an European market and be prepared for this challenge. The incorporation of foreign students to our school will improve our modernization as we really want to be part this European open professional market full of future opportunities for all our students and staff.

Our objectives are:

1.-Selection of students, teachers and administrative staff will be based on principles of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policy regarding gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs.

2.- Promote activities to underpin economic and social cohesion policy, especially in order to develop skills and qualifications of individuals, to be competitive in the professional market.