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Lunes 23 de julio de 2018
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Trip to Benamahoma

SAMANTHA HITCHOCK - Language assistant

One of our most recent and most successful field trips this year was to Benamohoma for a mathematical scavenger hunt. The students were assigned predetermined groups and one student was given a map, a time sheet, and a sheet of architectural structures they must find within the town. On the map, were the locations of each teacher. The teachers waited at these spots with a math problem to solve and the location of the group’s next destination. The students were first assigned to one location. Once they found the teacher, they would then solve the math problem, have their teacher sign their time sheet, and get the answer to their next destination.

During their travels, they were took look for the architectural structures that were previously listed on one of their sheets. If they found one, they would write it down and take a photo. This entire scavenger was a race between groups and the group to go to all of the locations, find all of the architectural structures, and find the last teacher was the winner.

After the scavenger hunt, both the teacher and the students were able to enjoy the town of Benamahoma. They ate a snack quickly following the end of the game. Then, they walked to a watermill museum to gain a better understand the importance of the town. After the tour of the museum, they were able to walk along the river that led to el Bosque. At the end of the trail, waited the bus to take them back to Ubrique.

Before leaving, they shared lunch and coffee. Overall, it was a successful and fun-
filled day!