The River Thames


First, you are going to learn about the most important geographical features of the River Thames. Browse the webpages you will find in the "Proceso" section and answer these questions:

1. Where is the source of the River Thames?

2. How long is the river? We said in the Introduction that it is not the longest river in the United Kingdom. Can you find the name of the longest river in the UK?

3. Name 4 cities the river flows through

4. Name 2 tributaries of the River Thames

5. Where is the mouth of the River?

Let's revise then the parts of a river. Click here and do the exercise after you have read about each part of a river. Good luck!



Part 1

If you follow the course of the River Thames from its source to its mouth, you will see lots of interesting places. Many of these places have played an important role in the history of England and the United Kingdom. We are going to concentrate on the many historical attractions you can see in London. Imagine you are a tourist in London and you have a budget of 50 pounds. Choose 4 places to see that are along the river. But you can't spend all your money. You need to eat and drink something! Enjoy your visit.

Part 2

Find pictures of the 4 places you have visited for the presentation. Don't forget to explain why they are worth visiting.



As you can imagine it's almost impossible to learn everything about the Thames in one day. There are many more facts about the river but we don't have time to see them all. However, we think you would like to know the following interesting, curious things about the Thames. Browse the webpages 6-7 and answer these questions:

1. London is vulnerable to flooding. To avoid this, the Thames Barrier was built downstream of central London. When was it built?

2. On 20th January 2006, an unusual animal was spotted in the river. Everybody was amazed at what they saw. What animal was it?

3. There are many bridges across the Thames from its source to its mouth, many of them in London. What is the name of the most modern bridge built in London and inaugurated by the Queen in 2000? 



Use all the information you have gathered to make a power point presentation. 

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