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Martes 18 de junio de 2019
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Conversation Assistants


CURSO 2011-12:

It's almost impossible to put into words how fortunate I feel to have had the experience working as an English language assistant at Az-Zait. Every person, student or faculty, that I had the pleasure of teaching was engaging, hard-working, and friendly. During this last year I have had so many amazing opportunities, including accompanying the fourth year students on their school-end trip to the Canary Islands, as well as helping out with the final Comenius visit hosted by Az-Zait! I learned a great deal about myself, about Spanish culture, and about the joys of teaching. I am extremely thankful to everyone at Az-Zait for welcoming me into their wonderful family, it is an experience I will never forget.

Katherine Walker.

My time in Az-Zait was amazing. I had the best experience of my life and could never have wished for a better school. Everyone in Az-Zait, from the pupils to every single teacher are amazing and were so welcoming from day one.

When I arrived in Az-Zait on my first day, I was terrified. I didn't know anyone and I had no Spanish. I was so worried that I wouldn't enjoy my time in Spain but looking back, I feel so silly for even imagining that. Everyone in Az-Zait helped me feel welcome and I relaxed almost immediately. Within two days I was already beyond happy in Spain.

I went on a number of trips with the school. We did a tour of Jaen, we visited the castle and we also had various lunches and dinners. Every trip and meal was fantastic and I always had a great time with everyone.
Being part of Az-Zait is something that I will be forever grateful for. I met some of the most amazing people and I will always remember my time there. I already want to go back, even if it can only be for a visit!
The pupils in the school are amazing. Even those who had difficulty understanding me the first few weeks still tried to communicate with me. They are all great people and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of teaching.
Building relationships with the students was great and I was truly heartbroken on my last day in the school.
I woke up every morning almost excited about going to work. I felt like I was at home when I was in Az-Zait.

When I arrived in Spain I had no Spanish but I feel like the students helped me to gain a basic understanding of the language. Sometimes, when they honestly couldn't think of a word in English, they would say it in Spanish and throughout my time there I picked up a number of words and phrases. They made me laugh so much in class and I will miss the great atmosphere that was always evident in Az-Zait.
I always enjoyed going to the cafeteria for tea in the morning and enjoyed it even more during my final weeks. At the start, I was unable to communicate with those who had either little or no English but by the end of my time there, I was somehow communicating with everyone with a mixture of terrible Spanish and poor English but somehow, we had great conversations! That is something that makes Az-Zait so amazing. Even though some people had no English and I had no Spanish, everyone still made an effort to get to know me. Every single person in the school is amazing.

I can't emphasis enough how much I will miss my time in Az-Zait. Everyone is like family there and the fact that they welcomed me into such a fantastic environment is something that I will be forever and always grateful for. If I could go back tomorrow to teach English and continue to learn about the Spanish culture I would be delighted. Thanks to Antonio-Luis I tasted some of the most delicious foods and seen many things such as the Jaen Castle and also had a guided tour of the Jaen Cathedral! I would stay with everyone in Az-Zait for years to come if I could.

Unfortunetly though I had to return to Ireland but I hope it is clear just how much I love Az-Zait and I envy the person who is taking my place in September! My only regret about moving to Jaen is that I didn't stay longer. I wish I had a longer time with everyone but instead of crying about it, I have already said that I will undoubtedly be back for a visit later this year and I can't wait to go back to the 17th classroom! :)
Thanks everyone for being such great and fantastic people,
Con Carino,
Lisa <3

CURSO 2010-11:

Este curso hemos contado con la colaboración de los auxiliares de conversación siguientes:

Anthony Scarpatti 

CURSO 2009-10:

       Este curso hemos contado con la colaboración de los auxiliares de conversación siguientes:

 Lindsey  California
Lindsey Ashjian

"I came to Jaen not knowing anyone and I left with a family.  Everyone at the school, from the Director to the ladies in the cafeteria, welcomed me with open arms and embraced me as one of their own.  The staff was so warm and friendly and I couldn't have asked for a better team of people to share this incredible experience with.  My work with the students of Az-Zait was easily the most rewarding and enriching experience of my life.  I will be eternally grateful for all that I learned there and most importantly, for the teachers and students I now call my family."
Lindsey Ashjian

 Kendel Carolina del Sur 
Kendel Scott

"My experience at Az-Zait was fantastic! I was so impressed with how studious and well mannered the students were and I miss them so much! They were so smart, had a great level of english and participated so well in all of the activities. I really had a great time working at this school. And of course all of the teachers were wonderful too!! I remember all the great coffee breaks talking with all the teachers (and salsa dancing with Antonio and Ramon!) I'll never forget you Jaén!"
                                                                                                        Kendel Scott


     Thank you both of you, Lindsey and Kendel, we will never forget you. See you in a jiff!

CURSO 2008-09:

        Este curso hemos contado con la colaboración de los auxiliares de conversación siguientes:

 Jack  Montana
Jack Clinton

      "I had a great time teaching at Az-Zait and had fun enjoying all that Jaén had to offer as well as getting out and enjoying the mountains and country side. The Teachers and staff were very helpful and made my time there very easy, and I really enjoyed the students of Az Zait also. I will always remember my time there and all the wonderful people that I met. Andalucia is a wonderful place."

Jack Clinton 

Carmen Alemania
Carmen Beckers

     "The side job in Az-Zait formed a special enriching experience during my studies in Jaén. The cordial greeting at school, the commitment of the pupils and the extremely friendly and supporting teachers were an excellent balance to the daily life at the university. I met a lot of absorbing personalities and I am glad to had this chance. I willingly remember it.”

Carmen Beckers

Michi  Austria
Michi Mitterlehner

     "I spent three months working as an English-assistant in Az-Zait and I am still more than happy having had the opportunity to be part of the school in the summer semester. The hearty welcome and positive atmosphere all the days I came to the school made it a pleasure to work there. I am sure that without the work in Az-Zait I would not have felt that integrated in Spain. I got a great insight into the Spanish life, the school system and about what is going on here. Together with my studies at the university the school was a perfect variation.

     I enjoyed my work with the Spanish adolescents a lot. I am sure the pupils as well benefited from the opportunity to practice English with me and I hope I brought them a little closer to the English language and could encourage them to use it. Hence, it is to say that I am glad about the teaching skills I gained. It was a very interesting part for me, to find myself teaching English while I am studying Spanish at the same time.

     Az-Zait was an important part in my life here in Spain which I will never forget. I consider myself as very lucky for having had the chance to work there. Thank you for all the speaking-coffees and especially for playing music together with the pupils, thanks to Antonio Luis whose enthusiasm is just marvelous. I hope the English-program will go on like that and I wish you all the best for your future."

Michaela Mitterlehner

       Thank all of you (Jack, Carmen and Michi) very much for your great help, effort and work with us.

        CURSO 2007-08:

      En este curso contamos con la colaboración de varias auxiliares de conversación, entre las que se encuentran:

Roxana   Rumanía
Roxana Valcea

      "Empezaré por agradecer a todos los profesores y profesoras del IES Az- Zait de Jaén por haberme hecho sentir como en casa durante los 4 meses que trabajé en el Instituto. Muchisimas gracias por todo y muchisimas gracias por recibirme en el Instituto siempre y cuando visito España.

     Mi estancia en España como becaria Erasmus, al igual que mi experiencia al trabajar en el IES Az Zait, Jaén me han ayudado muchisimo a crecer profesionalmente y tambien me han ayudado a comprender que vivimos en un mundo multicultural.

     La iniciativa del IES Az Zait, Jaén de ser parte del programa de Multilingüismo desarollado por la Junta de Andalucia es digna de toda admiración. No sólo que les da a los alumnos la posibilidad de utilizar otro idioma en el aula, ademas del español, sino que tambien les enseña a comunicarse con los demás sin que el idioma fuese un impedimiento.

     Le deseo muchisima suerte al Instituto en su primer año como Instituto bilingüe al igual que a todos los profesores, aprovechando una vez más para dar las gracias a Don Francisco Castro Cano, director del Instituto por toda su ayuda durante el curso 2007-2008 y al coordinador del programa, Antonio Luis Peñas Chamorro que me ha tratado como una persona más de su familia. Gracias por todo y en breve regresaré a España para cursar un Master en Traducción e Interpretación de Conferencias."

Roxana Valcea 

Mariann Estonia
Mariann Kalmett

      "Ahora, un año después, estoy acabando mis estudios universitarios en filología española, con inglés como asignatura secundaria. Por lo tanto, para mí, el trabajo como auxiliar de conversación en el IES Az-Zait fue sin duda una de las mejores y más útiles experiencias en mi vida. Además de que podía practicar ambas lenguas, tenía la posibilidad única de ver la vida escolar española, estar dentro de todo, Speaking-Coffees con los profesores, visitas al teatro y conciertos y las conversaciones con los estudiantes durante las cuáles los alumnos recibían nuevos conocimientos sobre un pequeño país llamado Estonia... el más bonito recuerdo es del día cuando canté una canción nacional de Estonia a los alumnos y ellos cantaron "Baila el chiki chiki"J 

     Estoy segura de que el Programa Bilingüe, que da la posibilidad de tener los auxiliares de conversación de países extranjeros en la escuela, es un proyecto muy útil igualmente para profesores y estudiantes!"

Mariann Kalmet

     Thank you to all of you. Without your great work and nice collaboration with us, it would have been really too much difficult to begin in this bilingual adventure. 

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