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Jueves 17 de octubre de 2019
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February 2019: Women Architects

The technology department has designed this great exhibition of posters about women architects. You can visit the exhibition displayed on the wall next to room A-37, just opposite the counsellors' offices.


May 2018: Dublin

Some of our Bachillerato1 students travelled to Dublin with teachers Mª Oliva and Aurora. By the looks of it they had a great time there.


May 2018: Fallacies in Sport

Our Bachillerato 1 Students studied the fallacies that the world of sport and publicity use to try and sell their products. Here is a brief presentation of their findings. The exhibition can still be seen on the board next to room A-37.


April 2018: The MIddle Ages

Again, a brief video to show off a recent project by our 3rd ESO bilingual students on the Middle Ages.


Here is just a glimpse of our 4th ESO students' work on some remarkable women in history. The work was done during the month of February and the exhibition was displayed for two weeks early in March. If you missed it, here you can have a taste of it.