Write these sentences in indirect speech, changing words where necessary.

A) Statements

1. “I have something to show you”, I said to her.

2. “From one of the windows of my flat I can see the beach”, my friend said to me.

3. “I have no idea what the time is but I will ask Lisa”, my daughter said to me.

4. “My wife has just bought a new one”, he said to her.

5. “I have a German lesson this afternoon and I haven’t done my homework yet”, I said to him.

6. “This is the best restaurant in town”, said the taxi driver. “The only problem is that they expect guests to wear ties”.

7. “I will sit here till she comes in, but I hope she won’t be late”, said he.

8. “I wrote to him yesterday. I wonder why he hasn’t rung up”, she said.

B) Questions

11. “Which of you knows how to make Irish stew?”, said the chief cook.

12. “How can I run in this tight skirt?”, she inquired.

13. “Why did you travel first class?”, I asked him.

14. “What is your new house like?”, I asked them.

15. “Do you see what I see, Mary?”, said the young man.

16. “Are you leaving today or tomorrow morning?”, asked his secretary.

17. “How far is it?”, I asked; and I added, “How long will it take me to get there?”.

18. “Could I speak to Mrs. Pitt?”, she asked the secretary.

C) Commands/Advice

21. “Don’t use bent coins in a slot machine”, I advised him.

22. “Wash it in warm water”, recommended the assistant.

23. “Read the notice about the life-saving equipment”, the air-hostess advised me.

24. “Don’t forget to feed the goldfish”, said her daughter.

25. “Don’t make mountains out of molehills”, he said to his wife.

26. “Make a good use of your time; you won’t get such an oportunity again”, he said to us.

27. “Wear a wig and no one will know who you are”, I advised him.

28. “Don’t forget to thank Mrs. Jones when you are saying goodbye to her”, said his mother.