Answers 1

Exercise A

a)     Who does your older brother often shout at?

b)     How long did it take you to reach the top of the mountain?

c)      What are you going to have for supper tonight?

d)     How long have you been friends?

e)     How long ago did they start learning English?

Exercise B

a)     listens

b)     are taking

c)      realise

d)     Did Andy have

e)     will catch

Exercise C

a)     My friends asked me when I was planning to come to Darlington.

b)     Jenny asked me where I would be the following day.

c)      The policeman asked us if any of us had seen the accident happen.

d)     John said it wasn´t so foggy that day as it had been the day before.

Exercise D

a)     He was shouted down by the crowd.

b)     A different attitude will have to be adopted.

c)      An enormous hole had been cut in the steel door by the burglars.

d)     A light was switched on and the door was opened.

e)     A special edition has been written by the author.

f)        An artificial rose is being given away with each packet of cereal.

g)     The children weren´t looked after properly.