Let's review some Vocabulary on the house

Read the following text describing a room:


I have got my own room. In my room there is a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe and a television.  There is a window above the table. The television is opposite my bed so I can watch it when I am in bed.

The wardrobe is on the left and my bed is on the right. There is a computer on the table and books, pens and cds are near the computer. There is a magazine and a camera on the bed.

When you describe a place you commonly used the verb there is/there are, descriptive adjectives and place prepositions like at, on, under, below, above, near, opposite, on the right, on the left.


Revision of "house" vocabulary

  1. Where do you usually cook meals?


  2. Where do you usually wash clothes?


  3. Where do you usually hang your clothes?


  4. Where do you usually get washed?


  5. Where do you usually grow flowers and cut the grass?


  6. Where do you usually eat dinner?


  7. Where do you usually sit on the sofa and watch T.V.?


  8. Where do you usually park the car?


  9. Where do you usually store food, wine and other things?


  10. Where do you usually sleep?


Activity 1: "In the dining room"


Activity 2: Review some of these prepositions




Activity 3:  Now go to activity Activity Worksheet "descplacesbasic" for some basic revision of There is/are and describing pictures.  

Save a copy for your records


Activity 4: Describing a house

Describing a house for sale "Properties of the week"

1. Choose one of the houses in the page and click in "more details" to read the description of the house (on the right). 

2. Open worksheet "properties", write the location of the house, filling the information required and write a short description of the house.  

Remember to send it your teacher and save a copy for you as "properties"


Activity 5: Describing a city

Look at the presentation about Tinos, a beautiful city in Greece:




Let's work on a text about Tinos in worksheet "Tinos"   


Put the following sentences about Tinos' history and mythology in order


Activity 6: Describing your city. Work in pairs


Look at an example presentation about "Huelva"  


Write a summary of the presentation using "chain story" 

Remember to include in your summary:

- The location of Huelva

- Interesting things to see in Huelva

- What you like most about Huelva


Remember to proofread your text






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