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From CEIP "Tucci". Martos (Jaén). SPAIN

CEIP "Tucci". Martos (Jaén). SPAIN


CEIP "Tucci" is a public primary school which is perceived as a working place in which diverse groups of persons, in an intellectual environment of respect, understanding and flexibility strive for a better future through education.

Our educational aims consider deeply the values attached to the concept of Human person, their rights and duties. CEIP “Tucci” understands that education has to be plural and respectful with the moral and ideological believes of students and their families, promoting democratic values and culture of peace by means of a constructive dialogue among teachers, students, families and community.

Our educational community wishes to enable our students to fully develop their personality in the respect to the democratic living together, in a context of pacific resolution of conflicts, promoting peace as a collective and individual action, and facilitating creative solutions.