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 Participating schools


CP "Tucci". Martos (Jaén)

CP "Puerta de Martos". Torredonjimeno (Jaén)

CP "Antonio Pérez Cerezo". Las Casillas (Jaén)

CP "Padre Poveda".
Linares (Jaén)

IES "Cástulo" Linares (Jaén)

Sagrada Familia
 Linares (Jaén)

IES Fernando III. Martos (Jaén)


1st Piramatiko Likio Athinon. Athens

2nd Elementary School of Paleo Faliro. Athens

8th Primary School of Nea Smyrni. Athens


Lumen Christi College.
(N. Ireland)


S.E.S. "Alessandro Volta". Padova

I.C. di MIRAMARE" (S.E. "Via Pescara" & "Villaggio Nuovo"). Rimini

"Secondo Circolo Didattico". Mogliano Veneto

Dir. Didattica Gianni Rodari Limbiate. Milano


Treälven (Dressinen). Jämtland




Motivating Texts

Textos Motivadores

English   -   Español  -   Other languages

Guide to the use of texts: l  Primary Education  ll Secondary Education   lll Any Level


Level Title



ll Cats, dogs and budgies environment (SAF)
lll Mi amigo el libro general (TUC)
lll Easter Eggs traditions (2PF)
lll The War between the Sandpipers and the Whales environment (2PF)
lll Challenges and Choices peace (2PF)
lll Quotes on Non-Violence peace (2PF)
lll A favourite story that Grandfather liked to tell us peace (2PF)
lll Non-Violence: Quotations peace (2PF)
lll The Four Essential Principles of Gandhi's Philosophy peace (2PF)
lll Six Principles of Non-Violence peace (2PF)
lll Non-Violence in School and Everyday Life peace (2PF)
lll The Meaning of Non-Violence peace (2PF)
lll Leo Tolstoy on the Law of Love peace (2PF)
lll The Decade for a Culture of Non-Violence peace (2PF)
lll Out go the Taliban, but will Afghan women be excluded again? co-education (2PF)
lll Women and Education co-education (2PF)
lll International Women's Day environment (2PF)
lll An Old Message in the New World solidarity (2PF)
lll A woman should have...Every woman should know... co-education (HKS)
lll Nonviolence and Us peace (TUC)
lll Dear Virginia... Is there a Santa Claus? traditions
lll If you see it in The Sun, it must be true... traditions
lll The True Story of Santa Claus traditions (2PF)
lll The night before Christmas traditions (2PF)
lll Christmas Greetings traditions (2PF)
lll Bethlehem of Judea traditions (2PF)
lll Guess Who!!! traditions (2PF)
lll Recipe for Christmas traditions (2PF)
lll What can I give Him? love (2PF)
lll The week before Christmas traditions (2PF)
lll Oh Holy Night traditions (2PF)
lll Christmas wishes in different languages traditions (2PF)
lll All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth traditions (2PF)
lll The Gift of the Magi love (2PF)
lll May you feel such love love (2PF)
lll Christmas is a time for love and fun traditions (2PF)
lll Love came down at Christmas traditions (2PF)
lll G.F. Handel's Messiah traditions (2PF)
lll Silent Night traditions (2PF)
lll The History of Christmas traditions (2PF)
lll The Elves and the Shoemaker love (2PF)
lll The Selfish Giant love (2PF)
lll Christmas around the world traditions (2PF)
lll Christmas in Greece traditions (2PF)
lll The last word on respect respect (2PF)
lll Everyman must decide love (2PF)
lll If I can stop one Heart from breaking love (2PF)
lll Spiritual quotes Illustrating the Principle of Love love (2PF)
lll Mark Twain's quotes on respect respect (2PF)
lll Aesop's Fables general (2PF)
l The Happy Sponges love (2PF)
lll Pope John Paul's statement general (2PF)
lll "I Have a Dream" general (TUC)
lll John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address general (TUC)
lll The Velveteen Rabbit   general (TUC)
l The not so Foolish Fairy love (2PF)
lll A song, a message, a value   general (1PK)
lll Thesseus and the Minotaur   general (2PF)
lll The Acropolis general (2PF)
lll The Other Side of  the Fence general (2PF)
lll The Prince and the Pauper general (2PF)
lll The Most Beautiful Child general (2PF)
ll Adolescent girls resolve conflicts, boys avoid them   general (TUC)
ll Waiting for the Barbarians general (1PK)
ll Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone general (TUC)
ll Dedalus and Icarus general (TUC)
ll Arion and the Dolphins general (2PF)
ll Subcity   general (SAF)
l  The Brook in the King's Garden general (2PF)
l  The Twelve Months (a Greek tale) general (2PF)
lll Stop all the clocks   peace (CPP)
lll There is No Place for Racism in Athletic Competition respect (2PF)
ll Immigration respect (SAF)
l Phidippides' Descendants respect (2PF)
l Lili the Leopard respect (2PF)
lll Richer than Gold love (2PF)
ll Much time has passed love (1PK)
ll The Labours of Heracles responsibility (TUC)
l Our Class Contract responsibility (CPP)


Level Title



lll Historia del pan tradiciones (APC)
lll Contra la desigualdad racial  


ll Los lectores no nacen, se hacen responsabilidad (APC)
ll ¿Qué les queda a los jóvenes? solidaridad (APC)
ll Solidaridad es... solidaridad (APC)
ll Solidaridad, compleja palabra solidaridad (APC)
lll Palabras a Europa Europa (TUC)
lll A la Ciudad Santa de Belén paz (TUC)
lll Hermanos de las estrellas paz (2PF)
lll Educación, no-violencia y paz paz (2PF)
lll Pensamientos de Gandhi paz (TUC)
lll La Paz paz (TUC)
lll El derecho a una vida digna solidaridad (TUC)
lll Mírame como persona general (TUC)
lll El conejito de peluche  


lll  "Se despide un genio"   general (TUC)
lll "Amigo"  


lll La Vida   general (SAF)
l Juguetes coeducación (TUC)
l Colón agarra viaje a toda costa   general (TUC)
lll Cuento tradicional chino  general (TUC)
lll Harry Potter y el cáliz de fuego general (TUC)
l Poemas para mandar en avioncitos de papel general (TUC)
l El reino del revés   general (TUC)
lll El abanico   tradiciones (TUC)
lll Manolito Gafotas   general (TUC)
lll ¿Verdad que sería estupendo...?   general (TUC)
lll  ¡Quiero volver a ser agua!   general (TUC)
ll Noches de boda   general (SAF)
l ¡Qué Misión! general (TUC)
l Un mundo nuevo general (TUC)
l Alarma en el belén general (TUC)
l Una mujercita con suerte general (TUC)
l Palabras de cuento general (TUC)
ll El Abencerraje y Jarifa


lll A nuestros mayores


lll Sólo doce horas para salvarlo...


l Platero y yo: Alegría


lll "Recolección"


lll Escenas y costumbres de Jaén tradiciones (TUC)
lll Este Olivo tradiciones
lll Andaluces de Jaén tradiciones (TUC)
l Responsabilidad responsabilidad (TUC)
l Responsabilidad, estudio y trabajo   responsabilidad (CPP)
lll Siente al otro   respeto (SAF)
ll Una modesta proposición respeto (SAF)
l Para escribir en el "Rincón del Respeto" respeto (CPP)
l Cuento popular gitano respeto (APC)
l Pequeños vagabundos respeto (TUC)

Other languages

Level Title Values


English&Spanish lll DENIP - School Day of Non-Violence and Peace Peace (2PF) 
Italian l Friendship - L'amico  love (MIR)
Italian l Io e te love (MIR)
Italian l Friendship: Amizia love (MIR)
Italian l L'abete - The Christmas Tree traditions (MIR)
Italian l Nevica - It's Snowing traditions (MIR)
Italian l Il Natale dell'abete - The Christmas of a Chistmas Tree traditions (MIR)
Italian l Il Calendario dell'Avvento - The Advent Calendar traditions (MIR)
English&Spanish lll Don't let your neighbour be a foreigner respect (SAF)
Greek lll A God is Born traditions (2PF)
Greek&English lll Kalanda (Christmas and New Year Carols) traditions (2PF)
English&Spanish lll Mother Teresa of Calcutta love (2PF) 
English&Greek lll Be the Best You Can Be respect (2PF) 
Greek lll Responsibility at the beginning of the school year general (1PK)
Greek lll Values in Education general (1PK)
Greek lll The Velveteen Rabbit   general (TUC)
lll Values in Life general (1PK)
Spanish &English lll "...Y el hombre recogió en las ramas..." general (2PF)
English&Greek ll Defence of values disregarding the consequences general (1PK)
Greek ll Abigail general
English & Greek ll If general (1PK)
English & Greek ll In Conclusion general (1PK)
English & Greek ll "Ithaka" general (1PK)
Greek ll Che fece... il grand rifiuto responsability (1PK)
Greek ll Temptations general (1PK)
Greek ll Religious differences respect (1PK)
Greek lll Respect and equal opportunities in education for immigrants respect (2PF) 
Greek ll Walls general (1PK)
Greek ll The Survival of Civilisation general (1PK)
Greek ll Hercules general (1PK)
English & Greek ll Olympic Anthem general (1PK)
Greek ll The First Step general (1PK)
Greek lll  Peace (by G. Ritsos) peace (1PK)
Greek lll  Peace (by N. Brettakos) peace (1PK)
Greek ll The Importante of the Common Effort responsibility (1PK)
English&Greek ll As Much As You can responsibility (2PF) 
Greek ll Ode to Freedom freedom (1PK)
Greek ll To Freedom freedom (1PK)
Greek ll "Thourios" (Hymn to Freedom) freedom (1PK)
Greek ll Racism respect (1PK)
Greek ll Respect for Human Rights respect (1PK)
Greek ll Respect for Difference respect (1PK)
Greek ll Religious differences and terrorism   respect (1PK)
Greek ll Paralympic Games respect (1PK)
Greek ll Respect for the disable respect (1PK)
Greek ll The Highway Code respect (1PK)
Greek ll "The right to be different" respect
Greek lll Religious Minorities respect (2PF) 
English & Greek lll 25th March Greek Independence Day traditions (2PF) 
English & Greek lll 17th November Celebration traditions (2PF)