The guide

The Accessibility Guide includes recommendations and guidelines for improving accessibility in destinations, so they are ready for welcoming tourists with special needs. Moreover, the document includes tools for embracing accessibility, as well as a questionnaire with which managers responsible for tourist attractions and other stakeholders at destinations can identify existing accessibility barriers.

The final objective of the guide is the provision of guidelines for developing accessible tourist destinations,so they could be enjoyed by all people, taking into account the entire value chain of tourism. Their specific objectives are:

  • Presenting the main concepts of accessible tourism, and the reasons why it is interesting to make a tourist destination accessible.
  • Clarifying who are the beneficiaries of accessibility in a tourist destination.
  • Identifying the accessibility conditions that an Andalusian tourist destination must meet:
    • The different resources (hotels, leisure, urban and natural routes, etc.)
    • The services and the customer services given to the tourist.
    • The information provided (contents, communication channels, formats, etc.)
  • Enabling the testing of the current situation of each destination / resource / service provided with respect to its accessibility conditions.
  • Maintaining and improving the accessibility of destinations through the definition of guidelines and recommendations.

Only those tourist resources that have expressed their interest in being part of this initiative participated in the execution of this project.