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Rules for consultation in room

  •     You can only access to the room with the necessary objects to carry out the consultation. Any other object will require the authorization of the person in charge of the room. It is forbidden the entry of objects that could affect the integrity of the documents consulted as well as any type of food or drink.
  •     The user will go to the person in charge of the room for any consultation about the documents.
  •      It is not allowed to make noise in the consultation room.
  •     The descriptive tools, in any format, will be located in the consultation room or in the reference room and will be of free access.
  •     The classification chart about the Archive´s collection will be in the consultation room or in the reference room.
  •     The consultation about the descriptive tools will be carried out respecting the order they have, and they can not be removed from locker or from the furniture.
  •     The descriptive tools can not be copied or published to protect the intellectual property rights.
  •     The request for documents are done by filling in a consultation form. It must be written with clarity and a form is required for every unit that the person wants to consult.
  •     It is not allowed to consults more than three units at the same time.
  •     It is not allowed to consult any unit by two or more users, unless that it has been asked previously.
  •     New requests for consultation are not going to be responded from 15 minutes before the closing of the room.
  •     Any behaviour that suppose a danger or a threat for the preservation or the contents of the documents will be punished, according to the current regulations.
  •     The order of the documents must not be changed.
  •     Notes can only be taken by the use of a pencil.
  •     It is not allowed to do marks or add some objects into the documents.
  •     The user must give the documents back to the person in charge of the room when his /her consultation is done.  Any user can leave the Archive before doing that.
  •     The user can save documents for the following day, but he/she must fill in another form.
  •     The user can save documents in advance (maximum seven days in advance), establishing the date and the time for the consultation. But this reservation will be eliminate after thirty minutes from the time.
  •     Any document cannot be taken out of the room.
  •     The request for the copy of a document must be done by filling a form. Then it has to be authorised by an archivist this archive.
  •     The maximum number of copies and the different formats that are allowed to do it, depends on the human capital and means that the archive has in that moment.
  •     Services which requires the payment of taxes will not be done before the payment. The list of the different taxes will be shown in the room.
  •     The request for copies of documents will be expressed in the form that the user must fill in.
  •     It is compulsory to cite this Archive and the catalogue number of the document every time they are used for editions or publications according to the regulations for the Archive System in Andalusia.
  •     This Archive bibliographical´s collection can be freely consulted.
  •     The management can establish home loans of the bibliographical collections from the Auxiliary library.
  •     The use of the books from the Auxiliary library will be regulated by the same rules as the consultation of the documentary collections.