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Project model of institutional headquarters
Project model of institutional headquarters

Institutional headquarters

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With the construction of the new institutional headquarters of the Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo Claudia, an old aspiration and need was fulfilled We must keep in mind that the current location in the old Guardia Civil barracks is situated precisely in the centre of the Cardus Maximus, one of the two main streets in the Roman city. Consequently, the preservation of the property is the main reason for its movement to a new location.

However, the conservation of the property is not the only important element. The cultural dynamic which has been created over the last thirteen years is equally essential, with an Archaeological Ensemble which annually takes in 100,000 visitors. Baelo Claudia has been converted into a national reference point, a model of a museum archaeological site. And this type of cultural centre can not be limited purely to the current buildings. Consequently, the planned institutional building contemplates a series of essential elements: offices, both for management and technical purposes, restoration workshop, research room, library, conference room, administrative office, the inappropriately named \"interpretation centres\", for which \"visitor's hall\"is more appropriate, maintenance workshops, shop, areas for machinery, etc.

Its length is neither by chance or arbitrary. From the point of view of protecting the site, it was essential that the new building be located on the outskirts of the Roman city so as not to damage the archaeological strata, with the disadvantage of the exclusive presence of the Eastern Necropolis of Baelo located on both sides of the road. The architectural solution, in addition to other aesthetic approaches and approaches to integrate it into its surroundings, resolves a basic museographic problem: to avoid, where possible, tiring the public.

Its future visitors will be able to appreciate and enjoy it, dominating the creek, with great views of the sea and the Roman city.