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Friends of the Museum Association logo
Friends of the Museum Association logo

Friends of the Museums Associations are a voluntary way of collaborating with museums, aimed at revitalising and improving the service given to visitors. The associations are non-profit making and, as a statutory condition, must return any profits they make to the museum with which they collaborate.

The Association of Friends of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Sevilla was constituted on 10 June 1996 on the initiative of a small group of people from a wide range of professional sectors (teachers, photographers, painters, writers, crafts people, anthropologists, restaurateurs, industrialists, etc.) and who have collaborated or have special ties with the Museum.

In addition to the general aims set out in the statutes, the Association has the following specific aims: "to promote, encourage and support those cultural activities relating to the Museum's mission and operations", to provide it with a dynamic tool to help it implement a series of activities for which management has been unable to identify any fast and functional legal means of acting. The Association is consequently able to contribute to the promotion of the cultural heritage kept in the Museum and improve public service.