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Andalusia has a great potential of natural resources. Its biological, geological and landscape diversity makes this community is considered to be one of the richest and most unspoilt regions of Europe, therefore, the potential use of this Andalusian mineral resources should be rational, efficient, diversified and within the guidelines set by sustainable development. Incorporating all of the variables that must be taken into account in all the mining and processing of mineral raw materials is now a requirement, a necessity and a specific objective of the Andalusian Government.

To achieve these objectives, was approved by Decree 369/2010 of 7 September, the Plan of Management of Mineral Resources of Andalusia 2010-2013 (hereinafter PORMIAN), which was erected as a tool that has guided planner strategic research activities and development of mineral resources in the territory of Andalusia in this horizon.

It is necessary to continue the line established by the PORMIAN on your time horizon, consolidating it as an instrument of management and planning regulations and spatially oriented mining activities in a coordinated manner that is compatible with the existing schedule in the Autonomous Region in its environmental aspects , landscape, regional, urban and cultural.

Therefore, the new Mining Strategy 2020 Andalucía has to reflect the new situation in our region, which is experiencing a moment of transformation, in which the metal mining industry has an increasing role in the economy of Andalusia, thanks to increase in demand in recent years and, consequently, increased material prices and technological advances that enable older farms become profitable.

Mining Strategy 2020 Andalucía
Final Mining Strategy 2020 Andalucía document Document
Publication in BOJA BOJA
Presentation of the strategy mining of Andalusia 2020 Presentation
Triptych Strategy Mining of Andalusia 2020 Triptych
Monitoring Report
Monitoring Report 2017 EMA2020 Report
Informe de seguimiento 2017 EMA2020 Report
Information public
ISA Mining strategy ISA
Draft mining strategy 2020 Draft
Publication in BOJA Publication
Document summary allegations of the information and hearing public of it strategy mining of Andalusia 2020 and its report of sustainability environmental Summary claims
Other documentation
Agreement of May 21, 2013, the Board of Governors, on the formulation of strategy Mining Andalucía approves 2020. Agreement
Diagnosis on the situation of the Andalusian mining sector and trends as a basis of support for the drafting of the mining strategy of Andalusia 2020. Diagnosis
The Spatial Analysis of Socioeconomic Development in the Regions of Influence Mine "Dyed Water" and "Las Cruces". Analysis
Sector Diagnosis Marble Macael. Diagnosis

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