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Aznalcóllar area


The Aznalcóllar area Site is situated on the eastern edge of the FPI between another two metal mine sites: Cobre Las Cruces, just 10 kilometres away and currently in an operating phase; and Riotinto, just 50 kilometres away. It is located just three kilometres from the municipality it is named after and 36 kilometres from the city of Seville, the home of the regional government administration with full competency in mining affairs.

The mine site, nearly 950 hectares in surface area, features ore reserves and likely resources of around 80 million tonnes of polymetal sulphide (copper, lead and zinc as well as gold and silver).

The last July, the Regional Government of Andalusia announced the call for an international competition for exploiting the Aznalcóllar area, respecting the parameters of maximum security and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The call for this competition occurs in a context of rising demand for metals, driven by the resurgence of metal mining and the increase in metal prices, which carries an interest of companies to generate a solid and strong economic activity.

In response, the Regional Government has the responsibility to mobilize the existing resources to be managed for the benefit of all citizens, always from maximum security parameters and environmental safeguards.

In this framework, the Andalusian Government is aiming for a sustainable development of the mining resources of the community, always under the best conditions of safety and guarantees of sustainability.

Public tendering process

In this section, it is accessible all the documentation related to the tendering process for the exploitation of mineral resources existing in the mining reserve of Aznalcóllar, located in the county of Sevilla.

The tendering process, for the exploitation of mineral resources existing in the mining reserve Aznalcóllar was published in the "B.O.J.A nº 10" on the January 16, 2014.

The deadline for submitting applications ended on April 16, 2014. The following companies were presented to the tendering process.

  • Emerita Resources España, S.L.U.
  • Grupo México-Minorbis.
  • Nystar.

On July 14, 2014, the Nystars application was not admitted for not providing the correct documentation. It was required to the company to rectify the documentation submitted before to declare not admitted. At the same time, the companies "Emerita Resources, S.L.U." and "Grupo México Minorbis" were selected to pass to the second stage of the tendering process.

A resolution published on July gave the selected companies a period of five months to submit a draft with a research plan, a mining project including a restoration plan and a mineral processing plant design. Both drafts were delivered within the deadlines.

The bureau of the tendering process for the exploitation of mineral resources existing in the mining reserve Aznalcóllar, on 20 February 2015, has proposed to the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines, of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía to award to the company Minorbis - Grupo Mexico, which is the one that have obtained the highest score, the priority in mining activities in the "zona Aznalcóllar". The successful tenderer shall have the right to carry out both mining research and exploitation.

Resolution that the approval of restoration plan of research plan of granting exploitation of resources Section C) , known as "Zone Aznalcóllar", nº. 7.976, located in the municipality of Aznalcóllar (Sevilla), according to R.D. 975/2009, of June 1, on the management of waste from extractive industries and the protection and rehabilitation of areas affected by mining activities Resolution
Resolution of June 22, 2015 of the Technical Secretariat of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, which dismissed the appeal by the mercantile Emerita Resources Spain, S.L. Resolution
Resolution of Industry, Energy and Mines General Directorate, of Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, of Junta de Andalucía, for which the entity has been awarded the public tender for the exploitation of mineral resources existing in the area of Aznalcóllar (Sevilla) Resolución
Resolution of 13 January 2014, in the Industry, Energy and Mines General Directorate, which announces public tender for the award of the extractive activities of exploitation of the resources in the mining reserve of Aznalcollar in Sevilla province. Resolution
Annex I. Conditions of the Tender. Annex I
Annex I.1. Specification of technical requirements Annex I.1
Annex I.2. Solvency of the tenderer Annex I.2
Annex I.3. First draft of exploitation Annex I.3
Annex I.4. Assessment criteria Annex I.4

Current situation

The research work is carried out according to the planned schedule.

Royal Decree-Law 6/2014

Royal Decree-Law 6/2014 of 11 April, the granting of the exploitation of mineral resources in the area called <> is regulated.

Download Royal Decree-Law

Decree-Law 4/2014

Decree-Law 4/2014, of 11 April, by which the necessary urgent measures are taken in relation to the process of reopening The mine and complement the provisions laid down for that purpose in Decree-Law 9/2013 of 17 December.

Download Decree-Law

Decree-Law 9/2013

Decree-Law 9/2013, of 17 December, which articulated the necessary procedures for the reopening of the Aznalcollar area.

Validated on date 15/02/2014 unanimously in Parliament.

Download Decree-Law  Download agreement of recognition

Informational Dossier

In order to provide basic information to interested companies, the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment has created a file with the basic data of the complex, as well as fundamental milestones and rules, that will be updated and completed as users send us questions, suggestions or clarifications. It is, therefore, a living document.

Download Informational Dossier of the Aznalcóllar area

Documents of interest

In this section you can find documents of interest related the Aznalcóllar area.

Farm Project site "Los Frailes", 1994 Memory (19,2MB), Maps (89,6MB)
Work Plan of the Group "Aznalcóllar Mine", 1997 Work Plan (15,9MB)
Work Plan of the Group "Aznalcóllar Mine", 1998 Work Plan (18,3MB), Maps (83,8MB)
Work Plan of the Group "Aznalcóllar Mine", 2000 Work Plan (14,2MB), Maps (172MB)
Work Plan of the Group "Aznalcóllar Mine", 2001 Work Plan (5MB), Maps (112MB)
Plots Aznalcóllar Plots(1MB), Cadastral data(32KB)
Environmental Adjustment Plan of Work Final Decommissioning and Restoration, 2001 Plan(22,8MB)
Special area of conservation ecological corridor Guadiamar. Area (476KB)
Map of location of the definitive reserve in favor of the State called "Aznalcóllar" Reserve map(844KB)

The following document ("Annex of the tender Aznalcóllar area" ) is made available to the bidders companies Emerita Resources España and Minorbis - Grupo México, exclusively, on August 4, 2014

Annex of the tender Aznalcóllar area Annex of the Tender (202KB)

Graphic Files

From here you can download the pictures and graphics contained in the dossier in high resolution

Corta Aznalcóllar Corta los Frailes Los Frailes y Verde PAMAI I Panorámica Corta Aznalcóllar Panorámica Corta Los Frailes Panorámica PAMAI Vertedero y Corta los Frailes Zona industrial y residuos Faja Pirítica Ibérica Plano de explotaciones Gráfica 1 Gráfica 2

To download all images in high resolution click here [43,1MB]


In this section you can download related videos Aznalcollar area.

Video (718MB)


If you wish to contact us for issues related to this project, you can do so via the email address, indicating AZNALCÓLLAR in the subject.

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