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Título: About to. 25 years of European Funds in Andalusia Fecha: 22/03/2012
What are you about to do?

I´m about to send this small present to my granddaughter. She gave me as instrument and I´ve recorded this for her. She lives in Europe... and turns 25. Things have changed a lot.

25 years ago work was really hard. I´ve worked as builder, a mechanic and a chauffeur, and I´ve even been a sailor. I didn´t know what an equation was, fractions... none of those things... just 1, 2, 3.

When I hear a young lady say "I´ve got a law degree..." "I´m a chemistry teacher..." four degrees!... there are people that have them!... three languages, five languages... how can that be possible?

I remember we went to Madrid one day... my father got in the car, my brother, my friend, my wife and my wife´s sister (my sister-in-law)... When we left the car struggled to get going in first gear. In the old days you couldn´t get on the road and go vroom at top speed, there was a hole here and a bump there...,
and on top of all that the roads were narrow.

We set off at 7 o´clock in the morning and what time do you think we arrived?... the next day! When we got to Madrid I said "come on let´s go see Madrid" they couldnt even walk! Some years later they all said to me "do you remember what a lovely trip that was" and I said "don?t you remember what it was like in that car!!!"

Well, that´s life... that´s the way things were before! Not today.

There are 8.415.490 people in Andalusia.
We all are about to

about to WAKE UP



about to ENJOY


about opening to the world: only 25 years ago exports were only 8.2%

about to SPREAD

about working to lift up: only 25 years ago working population were only 45.6%


about to BE IMPULSED

about toFLY OFF

about learning toride by oneself: only 25 years ago university graduates were only 5.7%

about to HAVE A BREAK

about devising to go beyond: only 25 years ago spending on R&D was only 0,36% of GDP

about to DISAPPEAR


about to RISE

about to FALL

about moving to go beyond: only 25 years ago some donkeys were still used as mean of transport. (really)

about to REPLACE

about to GET WET

about to TURN

about keeping up to change: only 25 years ago electricity from renewable energies was only 12.4%

about to MOVE

about to RECOGNISE

about to BE MIXED

about to OPEN

about to RISK

about to REBEL

about to EXPAND

about to BE BIGGER

about growing to be closer: only 25 years ago GPD has increased x5

only 25 years ago we are about to converge

Andalusia is about to converge.

María G.
Granddaughter of Pepe G.

(Thanks for the instrument)

25 years of European Funds.

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