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Atención a la ciudadanía
Telephone public attention: 900 101 407

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  • Form face

    • Pabellón de Nueva Zelanda. C/ Leonardo da Vinci, nº21. Isla de la Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla.
      • Coordinates: 37o 24' 34" N, 36o 0' 21" W
      • Local bus routes TUSSAM:
        • Routes C1 and C2. Stop in Facultad de Comunicación.
      • Public opening hours of registry:
        • Monday - Friday, 09:00-14:00.
  • Way phone

    • Telephone public attention: 900 101 407.
    • Sede Pabellón de Nueva Zelanda:
      • Switchboard: 955 033 800.
      • Fax: 955 033 816/17.
      • Telephone opening hours:
        • Monday - Friday, 09:00-14:00.
  • Access by Internet

    • CONTACT form. If you need to resolve any questions about the location on our website of specific statistical information or you need greater detail of the information published, please contact the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia via this form.
    • SUGGESTIONS form. Use this form to submit your opinions and complaints which our team of professionals will reply to as soon as possible.
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