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  • 31/10/2014 Social Indicators of Andalusia has been updated [Data]
  • 31/10/2014 The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia publishes Statistics of divorces, separations and nullities 2013 [Data] | [Press note]
  • 29/10/2014 In August 54.6% of overnight stays in Andalusian hotel establishments were made by foreign nationals, mainly from United Kingdom, Germany and France [Data]
  • 24/10/2014 Deaths in Andalusia increased by 3,4% in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same quarter last year [Data] | [Press note]
  • 23/10/2014 So far this year the number of employed in Andalusia has increased by 40,000 and the number of unemployed has decreased by 43,400 [Data] | [Press note]
  • 22/10/2014 Disaggregation of the services sector activity indicators for August 2014 is published [Data]
  • 17/10/2014 The natural growth of Andalusia in the first quarter was positive exceeding 1,200 [Data] | [Press note]
Variation in one year
EOH. Travelers in hotels September 2014 5.1%
IASS. Turnover index in Services August 2014 3.9%
CPI. Consumer Price Index September 2014 -0.3%
CPI. Consumer Price Index. Food and non alcoholic drinks September 2014 -0.8%
IPIAN. Industrial Production Index of Andalusia August 2014 0.5%
SOCMER. Established corporations. Number August 2014 -7.5%
SOCMER. Dissolved corporations ace. Number August 2014 -14.8%
IVGSA. Sales Index in Hypermarkets and Superstores of Andalusia August 2014 -1.8%

APS. Activity rate 3rd Qtr 2014 66,00% 51,61% 58,66%
APS. Unemployment 3rd Qtr 2014 32,84% 38,12% 35,21%
APS. Employement 3rd Qtr 2014 44,32% 31,94% 38,00%