Statistics by topic


  Scope Organismo
  Mortality Statistics by Cause of Andalusia A, Pr, DS, M IECA
   In addition, as synthesis product...
  Scope Organization
  System of Multiterritorial Information of Andalusia (SIMA) >> Society, within each territorial area Co, C, Pr, M, SE IECA
  Yearbooks >> Health care resources and population health A, Pr IECA
  System of Indicators for Sustainable Development of Andalusia >> Public health Co, N, A, Pr IECA
   Other Official Statistics of Andalusia (external links):
  Scope Organization
  Statistics on Specialised Health Care Centres in Andalusia A, Pr CS
  Statistics on Communicable Diseases in Andalusia HD, Pr CS
  Statistics on Health Rights Guarantees for Andalusian Citizens Pr, Ss SAS
  Statistics on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in Andalusia HD, Pr CS
  Activity in Andalusian Hospitals classified as Entities of Public Law A, Pr, Ss CS
  Statistics on Basic Minimum Hospital Data Set Pr CS
  Statistics on Advance Directives and Living Wills Register in Andalusia A, Pr CS
  Statistics 112 Emergency in Andalucia A, Pr CJI
  Statistics on Training Activity of the School of Public Safety of Andalusia (ESPA) A, Pr CJI
  Statistics on user satisfaction in the Public Health System of Andalusia HD, Pr SAS
  The Andalusian Population and Drugs A, Pr CIPS
  Statistical Report of the Regional Government Ministry of Health A, Pr CS
  Register of Entities, Centres, Establishments, and Health Care Services Pr, M SAS
  Registry of Clinical Management Units HD, Pr SAS
  Primary Care Information System HD, Pr CS
  Information System of the Andalusian Plan on Drugs and Addictions Pr CIPS


  • GC- Groups of countries
  • Co- Countries
  • N- National
  • C- Autonomous communities


  • A- Andalusia
  • TA- Tourist area
  • TP- Tourist point
  • Mu- Multiterritorial


  • HD- Health districts
  • Pr- Provincial
  • R- Regions
  • SA- Subregional area


  • M- Municipality
  • Ci- Cities
  • Ss- Statistics section