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Final Summary Report

Report with a summary of the project's main activities which have been developed since January 2010 until June 2014. 

Product Category Rules Books in print

The PCR Books in print, which enables Environmental Declarations of printed publications, has been approved by the Technical Committee of Environdec and it will be valid until 2020. See the version 2.0 in English and in Spanish. 

Layman Report

This publication of an informative nature aims to make known an overview of the scope and main results of the project among the lay public.

Ecoedition Manual

Handbook that includes recommendations of sustainable criteria to be applied to achieve greener publications. It is configured as a document of continuous improvement, open to new developments and the results of future studies and researches.

Impacts calculator

Access to online toolkits Sustainability Assessment of Publications (ESP) and Eco-efficiency Analysis of Companies (AEE) to calculate in a simplified way the environmental impacts of your printed publications and the carbon footprint of your organization.

GPP Manual

Handbook to provide technical solvency requirements, assessable criteria and special conditions of implementation within administrative clauses tenders aimed to sustainable printing and publishing services procurement.

I Congress on Ecoedition (Seville, 22-23 May 2014)

Over 150 professionals from the book value chain attended the event to uncover the keys to sustainable publications and discuss the future of the printed book, through the proposed three axes: ecoedition criteria, business sustainability and green public procurement.

"Bad Book" Campaign

The "Bad Book" dissemination campaign explains in six videos why there are books that look good but they are very bad indeed, through the main phases of the life cycle of a publication. 




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