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    The Life+ Ecoedicion Project includes among its actions the development and implementation of various computer tools to enable users to apply green publishing criteria on publications. Through the following links you can access a "demo" version of the tools; without registering, any user can explore and test the tool operation.

    To access these tools, you must introduce this profile:

    User: demo

    Password: demo

    The data source used to characterize the materials and processes that can be found in the tool is Ecoinvent v2.2, an international reference database based on actual statistical data that defines all inputs and outputs associated with the collection and production of several materials.

    Primary data to be introduced (quantities of materials, transport distances and energy consumption) will be average values provided by the different actors involved in the process of production, publication and distribution. In this respect, the quality and validity of data are their responsibility.

    Be aware that this is a test environment, so the introduced and saved data will be available to other users and will be deleted by the administrator periodically.

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