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About us

    What is Greenpublishing? Who is addressed?

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    Greenpublishing is an innovative way to manage publications according to sustainable requirements. Environmental and social criteria are introduced in the publishing process in order to reduce impacts produced during all the phases.

    Ecoedicion recommends the adoption of the best available techniques and the best environmental practices, taking into account the complete life¿cycle of a product: from design to production, distribution, use and end of life. Furthermore, Ecoedicion draws up a list of recommendations about raw materials, printing processes, binding, formats and so on.

    Green publishing background in Andalusia:

    ¿ 1997: Environmental Diagnosis and Manual of audit and recommendations for environmental improvement in Publishing industry and Graphic Arts industry.
    ¿ 2006: ethical and sustainable public procurement programme, including publishing activity as well.
    ¿ 2006: analysis of the environmental criteria taken into account in publishing decisions by departments of the Ministry of Environment, Junta de Andalucia. First draft proposal for the environmental improvement of publications.
    ¿ 2007 (May): The Ministry of Environment of Andalusia submits it commitment with green publishing during the Book Fair in Seville; this commitment is launched at national level during LIBER Book Fair (October).
    ¿ 2008 (January): The brand “Ecoedicion” is registered at European level.
    ¿ 2008 (May). The first technical meeting about green publishing was hold in Seville by the Ministry of Environment of Andalusia.
    ¿ 2009 (May). Workshops about eco design for green publishing were carrried out in the Book Fair in Seville.
    ¿ 2008 (November). The project “LIFE+ Ecoedicion. Sustainable management of publications” was presented to European Commission. The proposal was passed in July 2009.
    ¿ 2009 (September). The first summer course “Green Publishing and Sustainable management of publications” is organized at Pablo de Olavide University in Carmona (Seville).
    ¿ 2009 (October). The revised Manual of Green Publishing is presented in LIBER Book Fair.

    The project Life+Ecoedicion actions are addressed to:

    ¿ Publishing Services of public administration in Andalusia that join the project, as the main direct target audience.
    ¿ Enterprises involved in the book production and distribution, such as publishers, printers, manufacturers of raw materials, distributors, booksellers, etc. that join the project.
    ¿ Guilds and other bodies (organizations, foundations) linked to the publishing sector.
    ¿ Citizens in general.

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