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    Ecoedition Ecolabel

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    The Ecoedition Ecolabel is refered to those publications within the Membership Campaign and Pilot Project, which have applied green publishing criteria in their edition.

    For offset printing, it is also possible to know the value of certain environmental impacts through calculation by the tool Sustainability Assessment for Publications (ESP).

    The inclusion of these quantitative data enables consumers-readers to have a numerical reference, familiarize themselves with impacts magnitude and be aware, by comparison with the daily average impact of a European citizen, of the printed publications' real impact on the environment.

    Although the ESP tool calculates up to six impact categories, the Ecoedition Ecolabel displays the three most known for the non-expert public:

    • Carbon footprint , the main indicator of global warming and mandatory in products such as cars.
    • Ozone layer depletion, whose preservation drove one of the first international agreements (Montreal Protocol ) in relation to the environment.
    • Fossil resources depletion, related to fuels such as oil, coal and gas, which are non renewable and therefore limited.

    You can find further information about Ecoedition Ecolabel in this User Manual (.pdf  2,19 MB)

    Be aware of making a responsible use of resources. If you decide to print the entire document or part of it, print it in black and white and double-sided and consider the choice of paper carefully.

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