Nowadays, accessibility in tourism is a crucial factor when managing resources in this sector, specially for public authorities. Accessibility is considered a strategic objective due to the market potential of accessible tourism, its ability to generate new business opportunities and the competitive advantage it is for destinations.

Universal accessibility in tourism is the condition that resources and services that allows all people to enjoy tourism in the best conditions of security, personal autonomy and comfort. Universal accessibility is a fundamental social right, which guarantees equality , non-discrimination and social inclusion of persons with disabilities. It is also an advantage for older people, families with young children, people with a temporary illness or injury or travelers who carry luggage, among others. In other words, it improves the travel experience for all people.

The aging population, the influx of tourists from different countries and cultures, the increase demand for higher quality services, as well as the compliance with the rights of persons with disabilities and legal requirements, make accessibility in tourism an opportunity to attract more and diverse customers.

The current Law on Tourism in Andalusia highlights the importance of accessibility when managing this sector, placing it in Title I of General Provisions, as one of the main purposes included in Article 1: "the Universal access to tourism resources and services, as well as access to information on an equal footing. "

Likewise, the III 2014-2020 Tourism Quality Plan contemplates the accessibility of destinations as one of its strategic objectives, which seeks to "contribute to the implementation of good practices in terms of accessibility, generating a tourist region accessible to all."

One of the working strategies foreseen in this III Quality Plan is devoted to accessibility in the sector, encouraging actions that favor the promotion and consolidation of those tourist destinations committed with quality and excellence throughout the tourism value chain..

Therefore, the Andalusian Conserjería de Turismo y Deporte, aware of the importance of accessibility in the sector, takes the initiative to launch a project to research the degree of accessibility of Andalusian destinations, through a study and methodological guide. The results of this research can be found on this website.