About eleven thousand of Argentinean doctors could certify their competencies after the signing of an agreement with the Federación Médica de la provincial de Buenos Aires or Femeba (in English, the Medical Federation of the Provinces of Buenos Aires).

Close to 11 thousand of doctors working in the providences of Buenos Aires may certify the quality of their competencies using the Andalusian Quality Model thanks to the already signed agreement between The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality, body of the Consejería de Salud (in English, Regional Ministry of Health) and Femeba, body that represents 112 actives medical associations in the territory of Buenos Aires.

This agreement permits the professionals registered in Femeba who wish to, be incorporated into a process of certification which shows their every day professional activity based on their scope of action. The resulting certification recognises the quality of professionals’ job and benefits their professional development, besides of constituting an element that guarantee the quality of the assistance provided.

The agreement has been signed by ACSA Managing Director, Antonio Torres and the President of Fameba, Guillermo R. Cobián. The signing took place during the commemorational activities for the 75º anniversary of Femeba in the headquarters of the Universidad Católica Argentina, Puerto Madero. In this context, Antonio Torres has been invited to present the Andalusian quality certification experience.

The main goal of the agreement is to establish a cooperation line between the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality and the Federación Médica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires in order to strengthen and promote the continuous improvement of the professionals from this region through their incorporation to the ACSA professional certification process.

In order to do so, ACSA will review and adapt more than 50 manuals for the accreditation of professional competencies addressed to medical professionals groups and available online. The aim is to adjust them to the assistance reality of Argentinean professionals. Afterwards, online workshops will be available for professionals interested in certify their competencies. The certification will facilitate their incorporation to the accreditation process through the application ME_jora P. During these processes, ACSA will support professionals in every aspect of the certification, from the application phase to the emission of the accreditation report.

For that matter, the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality will offer methodological, follow-up, systemic communication and online monitoring for professionals supported by a tutor. Moreover, the Agency will be the responsible of assessing the evidences given during the certification processes to prove good manners and the competencies included in the manuals. Experts in each field will be in charge of the assessments. Finally, after the emission of the assessment and certification report, ACSA will perform external audits to the clinical records provided by professionals in order to verify the information required in their accreditation processes.

Professional Competencies Certification Program

The Professional Competencies Certification Program, pioneer in Spain and driven by the Regional Ministry of Health through the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality since 2006, try to stimulate the healthcare stuff in the searching for quality in their jobs by analyzing its competencies, showing evidences of their tasks in the assistance, organizational, researcher field, etc. All directed toward contributes with a quality healthcare and patient-centred assistance.

At this moment, over 6 000 Andalusians health professionals have certified their competencies in some of the 86 manuals available for the different specialties, job position and scope of action.

Over 70 Portuguese centres certified according to the Andalusian Quality Model

Portugal adopted the Andalusian Quality Model to certify its healthcare institutions and services in 2010. From then on, the Agency for Healthcare Quality works closely with the Portuguese Ministry of Health by several collaboration agreements made to support quality policies and certification processes in Portugal.

By the Quality Department, these agreements allowed the Portuguese Directorate General of Health (DGS) to certify over 70 Portuguese healthcare centres and to introduce other centres into the certification processes. Assessment processes are made by the Aqredita application, developed by the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality and based on the standards included in the ACSA certification manuals already translated into Portuguese.

Healthcare cooperation between Andalusia and Portugal have been an object of interest by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which, in one of its 2015 report, underlined the implementation of the Andalusian Model as an example of effective quality strategy.

Andalusian Agency for healthcare Quality

The aim of the Andalusian Agency for healthcare Quality is to strengthen and promote the Andalusian Quality Model. To do so, the Agency is governed as a certifying body for healthcare centres and social services, professionals competencies, continuing training and health websites, always pursuing excellence in healthcare and fostering the culture of continuous improvement according to the Andalusian Healthcare System Accreditation Model.

Recently, ACSA has been designated by the European Commission as an Independent Assessment Body belonging to the assessment project of the European Reference Networks for Rare Diseases, having already assessed over 900 different units in 26 countries of the EU. Its activity also has international support, such as the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), one of the world’s benchmarks in the field of quality certification.

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality is one of the three European organizations holding the triple accreditation by ISQua for its organizational model (the only one in Spain), Clinical Management Units Certification Program and Surveyors Qualification Program. The last one was renewed in 2016.

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