The clinical management model of the Andalusian Public Health System units, the European reference networks, the commitment to research, and the patient-centred care have been the main thematic lines of the agency’s presentations in the ISQua Conference.

ACSA Isqua 2017 London The Agencia de Calidad Sanitaria de Andalucía – ACSA (in English Andalusian Agency for Healtcare Quality) participated last week in the ISQua’s 34th International Conference that took place in London. This is one of the world’s benchmarks in the field of healthcare quality certification. As every year, an ACSA team has represented the organization in this important international forum where, healthcare professionals from around the world are brought together in order to address and face with quality systems nowadays healthcare main challenges.

During the four days that lasted the conference, ACSA has shown the results of its work through an oral communication and four posters. Ana Rodríguez, healthcare centres and units surveyor, has been the person in charge to make the communication: “Patient-Centred Care and Leadership Standards Compliance: A Latent Class Analysis”, by Rodríguez-Benavente, Ana; Herrera-Usagre, M.; Palop-Río, Á.; Barrera-Vargas, Á.

The posters were about different themes, such as the assessment of European reference networks for rare diseases, the impact of the satisfaction with the professional researching commitment and the evaluation of the governance model in the clinical management units of the Andalusian Health Care:

The titles and authors are:

ISQua Accreditation

The Agency is one of the few worldwide organizations with the triple accreditation by ISQua. In recent years, ACSA has achieved the accreditation for its organizational model (the only body in Spain) for its Clinical Management Units Certification Programme and Surveyors Qualification Programme.


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