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Mission, Vision and Values


ACSA aims to contribute to excellence in healthcare and social welfare by fostering quality through certification, safety, professional development and evaluation of results.


Our vision is to be recognised as a benchmark organisation at regional, national and international level in the field of social and health quality.



The values on which we base our work are:

Public service
ACSA recognises being a public service organisation as an important asset. Therefore, it is a self-commitment to act under accountability, ethical behaviour, respect for the demands of our stakeholders, respect for the principle of legality and human rights.
ACSA understands sustainability as the need for efficiency in the use of public resources that will ensure the social profitability of our work.
Commitment to Quality
ACSA’s commitment to quality is part of its corporate essence and we understand it as being able to respond to the demands of our stakeholders, rooted in the philosophy of continuous improvement based on standard-guided processes.
Effective Relationships with Stakeholders
Customer satisfaction is an indicator not sensitive enough so as to measure the suitability and adequacy of what the organisation does. Exploration of customer expectations processes and the design of products that respond specifically to the demands of different groups of interest must be based on effective relationships that create not only confidence but a positive evaluation of the products and services of ACSA.
Knowledge as a Key Resource
ACSA considers knowledge as a key resource that adds value to the organisation and which decisively contributes to the achievement of its strategic objectives and even their own survival and innovation capacity. But achieving this perception of knowledge as a resource does not occur naturally in organisations. It is therefore necessary to work collaboratively to increase the perception that people have of the possibility of creating value through knowledge as an intangible asset.
ACSA provides information to each of its stakeholders. We are committed to the objectivity of the information on the evaluation of public policies and democratic control of results by citizens.
Socially Responsible Management
ACSA assumes accountability, transparency and the evaluation of results of the objectives committed to society as basic principles of socially responsible management.
The credibility of what we do originates in due optimal outcomes expected from the operations of ACSA, with methodological rigour, efficiency and sustainability that surely must characterise the work of the organisation. But this credibility at work not only requires technical skills but also a specific mindset when it comes to performance. It means order and method in the way in which professionals act to contribute to the achievement of the objectives and a requirement to build the conceptual model of ACSA in the available scientific evidence.
External Recognition
External recognition is a value and a key factor to ACSA’s success, since through it, the institution is to ensure the quality of their services as the basis and main purpose of its activity oriented to its stakeholders. This external recognition of the organisation by third parties ensures an improvement in visibility and, therefore, contributes to its sustainability as a public service.
If anything characterises ACSA is its comprehensiveness, its systemic vision in the search for an answer adapted to different types of heterogeneous health professionals or centres as well as to different environments related to training, websites or mobile applications. Adaptability is also related to our organisational maturity, demonstrated in recent years with the use of ACSA products in numerous contexts, and its flexibility for implementation in other non-health areas, such as social or international.
Compliance with the requirements of certification demands that the ACSA activities are carried out completely independently of the parties involved in the certification process, and to ensure the fairness and integrity of our actions.
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