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Viernes 24 de mayo de 2024
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Methodology to allocate and recognise credits



Allocating of credits


Our institution commits to apply an academic credit transfer system for mobile activities that will rely on the amount of hours of activities workload and its learning outcomes. This amount of hours and learning outcomes will be set on a Learning Agreement signed by the sending and receiving institutions and the mobile participant before the start of the mobility. If the activity ends satisfactorily, there will be no need for the student to take any further exams. The mobile participants will always be given a Transcript of Records. In case of traineeships, our institution will provide the student a Europass Mobility Document.


Our institution is committed to implement the use of the ECTS credit transfer system.



Recognition of credits


Our institution ensures full recognition for satisfactorily completed activities previously set on the Learning Agreement in terms of hours of workload and learning outcomes. The principal of our school, as its legal representative, will sign an official transcript of records of the mobility activity. In the case of traineeship, another document will be joined to this one: a work certificate issued by the host enterprise. Besides, the student will be provided a Europass Mobility document.