Crossing Borders, Closing Gaps



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02/01/2017 – 30/12/2018

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Getting in touch with different cultures and experiences is a crucial experience nowadays. Good work of literature not only expands our horizons, it broadens our empathy. The main goal of our publishing house (and this particular project) is to emphasize the importance of diversities. We want to promote linguistic heterogeneity and develop mutual co-operation between lesser used language communities, especially between the Balkans and the rest of EU. Slovenia has a population of only 2 million, but is an important bridge between Europe and the Balkan applicants for membership. It was the first country in the western Balkans to have joined the EU and can act as a mediator on the literary map as well. That is why we have purposely chosen 10 topmost books with true, deep emotional punch, most of them from South and East Europe, and most of those by authors who haven’t been translated into Slovene language yet, so as to open new doors for them and build their reputation as a whole. Most of the selected books are written in lesser used languages. The works were selected for their quality, variety of themes and issues they deal with. Most of the books deal with the important questions of border crossing (literally as well as metaphorical) and creation of identity. Above all, we strive to publish books that we are passionate about. Books that move us intellectually and emotionally because we know that they can make a difference. Each book was translated by an established or even award-winning translator. Our editors are among the most renowned literary figures in Slovenia. Our experienced designers equipped the selected works with appropriate artwork and design. After publication the books were promoted by employing PR and marketing approaches suited to particular books or authors. Digital technologies and social media were also used extensively, with a use of broad network of bloggers and social media “influencers” that we are supplying with our books. We organized widespread distribution as well as sufficient media exposure and promotion ensuring the books reached a wide range of audience, including new, younger readership circles, with the help of our chain of bookstores, internet and social media, digital technologies and special literary events.Dragan Velikić visited Slovenia to promote his book through readings for students of Serbian literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and for wider audience at one of Ljubljana’s popular venues, he gave interviews for national tv and radio station, newspapers and literary magazines. Event was also held for Lidija Dimkovska, Macedonian poet, who lives in Ljubljana. We are still in talks with Nebojša Lujanović to visit us in the summer.