European Digital Treasures: Management of centennial archives in the 21st century



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01/10/2018 – 30/09/2022

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The European archives offer the most reliable and original sources to (re)discover, highlight and promote the history and culture of Europe (joint European Heritage). Beyond the interest that they can awake to researchers, students or history and genealogy enthusiasts, they can reinforce curricular activities at high schools, as well as be sources of inspiration for the generation of new creative products, and sources of new activities for citizens in an ageing society. They include a wide range of materials in different formats (written documents, manuscripts, letters, charters, diaries, photographs, moving image and sound materials, etc.. and their digital equivalents), mostly from the XII Century onwards, and thus offer and cover a wide range of contents. Such heritage, and especially its digital versions, deserves a major visibility, outreach and use.Over the last decades, institutions with archival holdings have invested important resources to offer access to digitized items. These “digital treasures” are thus incorporated as primary sources to free access portals, but they do not have a transformation process nor generate economic returns, despite the relatively important costs of digitization. In that framework, and in line with the general objectives Creative Europe, the project plans to tackle some of the key new challenges faced by the digitized archives in Europe, mostly: – The generation of a greater added value, profitability and sustainability, through the identification and implementation of new business models and cross-cultural cooperation and hybridisation. – A greater diversification of the users, through the identification and implementation of new audiences development strategies and activities, especially towards the younger and older generations. – A major visibility of the European Heritage, History and Culture, behind the available archives, and the transnational mobility of works and professionals.