European Literary Fiction for Children and Adults in Danish Translation



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01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020

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The ELFiDT project will consist of Danish translation, publication and promotion of seven works of literary fiction from around Europe – five works of adult fiction from: the Czech Republic; Portugal; Germany; Greece and Iceland + two works of children’s fiction from: Spain and Italy (the latter an illustrated classics from 1945). Our aim is to publish high quality translations and visually aesthetic editions of the ELFiDT package, in order to introduce these exquisite works of literature to the Danish audience; thereby contributing to the access of works reflecting the cultural and linguistic variety in Europe, to a lager extent than the commercial fiction tends to (harvesting primarily within the English and Scandinavian countries – this also being an important reason for us to enclose two works of children’s fiction, since especially that genre is extremely dominated by English and American influx).In regard to the contemporary authors our aim is that the publication of their novels will be an impetus for a long term building of audiences for their authorships in Denmark. A sideeffect will be the strengthening of affiliations with the publishers and agents from the countries represented in the ELFiDT project.