Shaking the Walls



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01/11/2018 – 31/10/2020

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The general goal of “Shaking the Walls” project is to give an artistic shape to various kinds of real and metaphoric walls that divide people, individual, social and racial groups, nations and countries. Our project aims to exploit specifically the metaphor of the wall of indifference, which perhaps is the most blurred and undefined boundaries separating humans in today’s world, both as individuals and social or ethnic groups. We would like to establish cooperation based on identifying “walls” (barriers, boundaries, problems) in partnering countries and subsequently, through inter-cultural creative dialog, art and education find ways of raising public awareness of the issues tackled, and reach solutions. The range of considered issues vary from political problems, immigration, domestic violence, isolation within the society and other, identified throughout the project. We would encourage creative thought and develop artistic means of expression through various events presented in partnering countries and during the project Grand Finale in Gdańsk. The cooperation between project partners from Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland, Great Britain and Ireland will be based on building real artistic links, internationally shared, through the activities elaborated with a strong focus on engaging audiences. We aim to involve the audience directly through community work and interactive street events in order to make them realize the issues expressed through artistic work.The project comprises an educational programme targeted both at the young and at culture professionals in order to build their international careers, and to increase their mobility between countries.The objective of this project is also to broaden and diversify the audience by stirring interactive international debate. Therefore, we plan to bring communication on an European level and to enhance the promotion of our individual and collective activities.