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01/09/2014 – 30/12/2015

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Avangard Print follows its policy aimed at publishing and promoting European contemporary authors from neighboring countries, from underrepresented or often wrongly referred to as “small” literatures. The widening of our network of collaborating translators and agents has brought us many new proposals and has unveiled us various deficiencies on our bookmarket. Part of the titles in the proposed selection continue the tradition of the bookseries Prose XXI, which presents eminent contemporary European authors; another part represents works that have entered the «golden circle» of foreign classics but are inaccessible to the Bulgarian reader. The current selection of titles looks for the intersection points between the different authors in order to outline the similarities, to form the notion of that universal humanity which could resist the dehumanization and alienation of our age. The reflections on the past and the mistakes made; the nostalgia for the family ties, for the careless childhood; the eternal themes about love, sex and death, about the role of the individual in the course of the history highlight common problems and offer solutions. The selected titles enrich the dialogue between different national literatures, incorporate them in the big conversation of the human civilization; they become integral part of the common “cultural treasury” of mankind. Besides the great informative value they offer pure aesthetic delight from the touch to the art of high-quality literature. The selected titles are representative for the respective national contemporary literatures, winners of various awards. The team of the translators consists of very experienced and highly educated professionals. The envisaged promotional activities (use of all kind of media, author visits and presentations) and distribution strategy will ensure wider accessibility to the translated works and are a good precondition toward forming of new audiences.