Andy G. Vidal

Seville, 1991

Although he currently divides his time between the Netherlands and Spain. He earned a BFA from the University of Seville, and the Spanish Ministry of Education awarded him a scholarship to attend the University of the Basque Country. There he joined the Dooroom Collective, a happening and action art group whose creations focused on humour and iconoclasm, an experience that strongly influenced his artistic production.

He has participated in a number of group shows, although the highlight of his career to date was Tecnotribal, a solo exhibition held at the María Victoria Atencia Provincial Cultural Centre of Málaga in April 2015, where the artist drew connections between new technologies and areas such as religion and culture, reinventing our reality through sarcasm and irony. Experimental music is a cornerstone of his work. Andy has produced numerous electronic improvisations and collaborated with sound artists like Antonio Murga. 

Andy G. Vidal


Andy G. Vidal

Córdoba. From 13 May to 10 Jul 2016

Andy G. Vidal talks about his own experience, about the amazing evolution of technology from the early 1990s to the present day, about the birth and use of electronic and digital processes, and, of course, about his own take on all of this, his emotional relationship with the electronic devices that have accompanied him since childhood.