Claudia (Ihrek) González

Sevilla, 1988

After studying filmmaking and scriptwriting, she moved to Madrid where she began to explore and investigate the world through photography. She subsequently enrolled in a three-year Fine Art degree programme in Seville. Working as a freelance photographer and videographer, she currently combines artistic, commercial and advertising projects with her ongoing education in the visual arts while striving to carve a niche for herself in the contemporary art world by participating in group shows at different venues, such as Enfoque y Diana at 0034 Gallery (2013), Lo mejor de cada casa at No-lugar (2013), El vídeo en el aula at Cicus (2013), the El vídeo en el aula selection presented at the Scientist Videoart Festival (Ferrara, Italy) (2013), California at Espacio California (2013), El plato del día at Redhouse (2013), and I Aniversario Espacio California at Espacio California (2014).

Her work received a prize in the video art category of the 14th Young Art Competition of Seville (2014), and her photographs were shortlisted for the City of Utrera National Prize (2014).

Claudia (Ihrek) González


Jesús M. Sánchez • Claudia (Ihrek) González • Antonio Barahona • Mariana Hormaechea

Sevilla. From 05 Mar to 03 May 2015

The Past in the Present: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape from the Sublimecurated by Mariana Hormaechea attempts to examine the way in which three artists connect visions of the past with the landscape of the present, and how they construct the contemporary landscape from a romantic perspective.



Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 28 Apr to 26 Jun 2022
Jaen Museum

From 15 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Huelva Museum

From 8 Jun to 10 Jul 2022