Elo Vázquez

Utrera (Sevilla), 1983

Elo is a self-taught photographer with a BA in English Language and Literature. In 2002, with the democratisation of the internet, she began publishing her photography on different digital platforms and joined an international group of photographers who timidly shared their first works online. This community gave rise to Fjord, a project curated by Grant Willing and Alana Celii that assembled the photographic work of this group on a website and eventually led to the publication of a book and an exhibition in New York in 2008. Unfortunately, the community disbanded as the internet became increasingly saturated with the work of amateur photographers, but it was undoubtedly an important springboard for the majority of its members.

For years Elo Vázquez has cultivated relationships with artists round the world, and as a result her photographs have appeared in international publications like Frankie Magazine in Australia, Elle Girl in South Korea and Aparta-mento magazine out of Barcelona. Her work has also been featured in major online media such as Feature Shoot and Booooooom.com. In addition to publications, her photos have been included in group and solo exhibitions at venues like Little Mountain Gallery (Vancouver), Above Second Gallery (Hong Kong), Photokina (Cologne) and Iceland. Her most recent one-woman show, Behind, was held at Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur, the Reykjavik Museum of Photography.

She combines her work as a professional photographer with several other activities: teaching Spanish as a second language, working with the band I am Dive and developing an experimental music project with Esteban Bove.

Elo Vázquez


Elo Vázquez

Sevilla. From 07 May to 05 Jul 2015

Elo brings us a personal project about her current relationship with photography (both analogue and digital) and how it has influenced the way she captures and shares her experiences. The exhibition consists of four large-format pieces and a selection of forty images, taken with her mobile phone, from the vast archive she has been compiling since 2011.