Fernando G. Méndez

Coín, Málaga, 1988

He holds a BFA from the University of Granada. A vital phase of his artistic training was the period he spent abroad in Poland as an Erasmus scholar, where he produced an art project with markedly political overtones.

He has participated in several group exhibitions, such as FACBA 2016 at the Fine Art Department of the University of Granada, and his only one-man show to date has been Greatest Hits at Galería La Empírica (Granada, 2016). Fernando co-founded the TRN initiative with Antonio Collados, which consisted in renting a flat in the La Chana district of Granada to use as an exhibition space. A large number of artists with ties to the Alonso Cano Fine Art Department became involved in this project.


Fernando G. Méndez


Regina Pérez Castillo • Arturo Comas • Álvaro Escalona • Miguel Ángel Benjumea • Fernando G. Méndez

Málaga. From 10 Nov to 29 Dec 2017

The exhibition is curated by Regina Pérez Castillo with the artists Artuto Comas, Álvaro Escalona, Miguel Ángel Benjumea and Fernando G. Méndez.



Jaen Museum

From 15 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Huelva Museum

From 8 Jun to 10 Jul 2022