Florencia Rojas

Argentina, 1984

At an early age she moved to Málaga. In 2008, she moved to Madrid to pursue the “Concept and creation” Masters in photography in EFTI. She was awarded a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship in 2010 to be the assistant to the German artist Andrea Sunder-Plassmann in Berlin. In March 2014, she will unveil her solo exhibition “Vírgenes” in Galería 6+1 (Madrid) which won the VEGAP “Pro-puestas 2012” grant.

She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, most notably “Last night” in Galería 6+1 (part of the Jugada a 3 bandas programme), “Don`t look at my camera” (Museu da Imagem de Braga, Portugal), MálagaCrea Finalists 2012 and 2011 (CAC) and Cuerpo y Territorio (MAC Salta, Argentina). She was among the photographers selected for Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña in 2012.

Florencia Rojas


Erika Pardo Skoug • Violeta Niebla • Florencia Rojas • Rocío Verdejo • Silvia Álvarez

Málaga. From 03 Jul to 31 Aug 2014

Mermaids (in ancient Greek, Σειρήν Seirến, ‘chained’, perhaps related to the Sanskrit Kimera, ‘chimera’) are mythical creatures, originating in Greek mythology and are very common in fantastic narrations of western literature.



Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 28 Apr to 26 Jun 2022
Jaen Museum

From 15 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Huelva Museum

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