Javier Bermúdez

Málaga, 1984

Bermúdez Pérez has a BFA (University of Málaga) and an MA in Research in Art and Creation (Complutense University of Madrid). He is currently writing his doctoral thesis on liminal relationships between contemporary artistic and curatorial practices (University of Granada).

He has worked as a content coordinator for the digital contemporary art journal La Raya Verde, as  a regular contributor to the Andalusian art platform “presente-continuo” and at JM Galería. He has curated projects such as Modular Pavilion (Columna JM), Luz Silenciosa (Columna JM), Dentro del Leviatán (MUPAM Málaga) and Incendiar el velo: fetiches de objeto/imagen (JM Galería) and written exhibition and catalogue texts for the CAC Málaga (Santiago Ydáñez solo show), University of Jaén (Manuel Ángeles Ortiz National Painting Prize) and JM Galería. He currently teaches design theory at EADE (Málaga), writes art reviews for La Opinión de Málaga, and is editor of the “Diálogos” section of the university magazine Umatica.

Javier Bermúdez


Javier Bermúdez • Jose Hevilla • Francisco Conde • Cachito Vallés

Córdoba. From 15 Dec to 17 Feb 2019

Through the work of José García Vallés, Francisco Conde and José María Hevilla, the “picture-object” will run the gamut from seemingly 19th-century positions to others where painting literally steps outside itself.



Algeciras Museum

From 27 Jul to 3 Sep 2022