José Luis Valverde

Málaga, 1987

With a BFA (2014) and an MA in Interdisciplinary Artistic Production from the University of Málaga. He has had solo shows at the Griffin Gallery (London), the Málaga Fine Arts Faculty, and JMGaleria - ColumnaJM (Málaga), among other venues. His work has appeared in group exhibitions at various galleries and art centres, including Espacio El Butrón (Seville), CAC (Málaga), Fundación Bancaja (Zaragoza), Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (Valencia), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de La Carolina (Jaén) and Espacio Iniciarte El Palmeral de las Sorpresas (Málaga), as well as at art fairs like Getxoarte (Getxo, Vizcaya) and ARCO (Madrid).

Valverde’s distinctions include First Prize in the 2018 MálagaCrea Visual Arts Competition, the residency grant from Colart, The Fine Art Collective (TFAC, London), Third Prize for Best Room at the Art&Breakfast Fair (Málaga), A Secas. Artistas Andaluces de ahora, CAAC (Seville), and the “Creadores” residency at La Térmica (Málaga) and FACBA 2020 (University of Granada). His works can be found in the collections of Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura, CAC Málaga, Fundación Benetton and Málaga City Council.



José Luis Valverde


José Luis Valverde

Sevilla. From 25 Oct to 27 Sep 2019

José Luis Valverde has become a goldsmith of painting, in the sense that he has learned to tame brushstrokes, moulding them into precise forms that “look” however he wants them to look.

Javier Artero • Francisco Conde • Javier Valverde • Victoria Maldonado • José Luis Valverde

Málaga. From 11 Dec to 15 Feb 2015

On the basis of a formal heterogeneity and a thematic multiplicity framed in daily life, the artists present a series of pieces whose common point is the conflict between the accuracy of representation as an independent entity and the unbreakable symbolic reference to that referenced.



Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 28 Apr to 26 Jun 2022
Jaen Museum

From 15 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Huelva Museum

From 8 Jun to 10 Jul 2022