Jose Hevilla

Málaga, 1990

Hevilla Villalobos studied Fine Art and took the master’s course on Interdisciplinary Artistic Production (University of Málaga). The pictorial image and its processes of technification are his main interest and field of research.

He has won several grants, including the 12th Grant for Young Artists from Fundación Antonio Gala, Córdoba, the 3rd ARP Fine Art Faculty of Málaga Grant; a grant from C.I.E.C. (Centro Internacional de Estampa Contemporánea) in A Coruña; and the Alfara Gráfica residency grant in Salamanca. He has also garnered several awards, most notably the DESENCAJA Visual Arts Prize (Málaga) and the CICUS National Visual Arts Prize (Seville). His work has appeared in collective exhibitions such as FUTURO-FICCIÓN: TO BE CONTINUED… at Columna JM, and the Caja de Extremadura International Visual Arts Award showcase at Centro Cultural Las Claras, Plasencia, and can be found in the collections of Fundación Antonio Gala, University of Málaga, University of Seville and Fundación Caja Rural de Jaén, among others.


Jose Hevilla


Javier Bermúdez • Jose Hevilla • Francisco Conde • Cachito Vallés

Córdoba. From 15 Dec to 17 Feb 2019

Through the work of José García Vallés, Francisco Conde and José María Hevilla, the “picture-object” will run the gamut from seemingly 19th-century positions to others where painting literally steps outside itself.