Manuel Jurado

Córdoba, 1987

After being part of the first year group to graduate in Illustration from the “Mateo Inurria” Art School in Cordoba, where he later obtained a Higher Professional Qualification in Graphics for Advertising, he moved to Granada (Spain), where he is currently completing his academic training with a degree in Fine Arts. He currently works in new areas such as sculpture and installation, seeking novel forms of expression.

His recent individual projects have been exhibited at the “López-Villaseñor” Municipal Museum (Ciudad Real), “Rey Chico” Municipal Centre for Young Art (Granada), Patio Barroco Gallery at the La Merced Palace (Córdoba), Góngora Arte Room (Córdoba), 3rd Periscopia Festival (Pozoblanco), etc. His work has also been part of several group exhibitions in spaces such as the Sala de Exposiciones Museísticas de Cajasur Exhibi-tion Hall (Córdoba), Sala Aires Hall (Córdoba), Manolo Alés Gallery (Línea de la Concepción), Palacio de la Madraza Exhibition Hall (Granada), La Cajita (Córdoba) and La Sala de Blas Hall (Archidona). Professionally he has taken part in several large-scale design and animation projects, such as the anima-tions made for the “M. C. Escher: Universos Infinitos” [M. C. Escher: Infinite Universes] exhibition (2012).


Manuel Jurado


Manuel Jurado

Córdoba. From 16 Dec to 13 Feb 2015

Manu Jurado brings his exhibition ‘Hasta el cuello (Neck deep) to Cordoba for the first time, which is a true accumulation of intentions, sensations, and feelings, in which the relationship between the work and the spectator is highly important.