Rocío Verdejo

Granada, 1982

She studied Audiovisual Communication in the University of Málaga and obtained a Master’s in Photography from the EFTI school of Madrid. She combines her artistic career with her work of producing and managing art in publicity. Her photographs are borne from ideas that are conceived from an intimate point of view.

She takes her own experiences and emotions as her point of reference, re-creating narrative scenes which materialise these experiences. Some of her more prestigious works include: “Quietud” (2008), produced with the help of the INICIARTE grant program, and which is part of the Photogra-phy Centre of Andalusia’s collection. It has also been round the exhibition rooms of Seville, Málaga, Huelva, Córdoba and Valencia; or “Las matemáticas de Dios no son exactas” (2011 - 2012), in the MUPAM (Museo del Patrimonio Municipal de Málaga) in 2011 and is currently going round different exhibition rooms. In addition to several collective expositions, she has participated in Festivals such as Pa-ta-ta 2013 where she was awarded the Festival prize, or Incubarte 2012.

Rocío Verdejo


Erika Pardo Skoug • Violeta Niebla • Florencia Rojas • Rocío Verdejo • Silvia Álvarez

Málaga. From 03 Jul to 31 Aug 2014

Mermaids (in ancient Greek, Σειρήν Seirến, ‘chained’, perhaps related to the Sanskrit Kimera, ‘chimera’) are mythical creatures, originating in Greek mythology and are very common in fantastic narrations of western literature.