ETIQUETA 'installation'

Mercedes Pimiento

Sevilla. From 29 Apr to 27 Jun 2014

The title of the exhibition and the label that is used to indicate that, inside a container, there is a fragile and possibly a valuable element that is to be transported from one place to another, which suggests to us concepts related to fragility, care, and even intimacy.

Lola Guerrera

Córdoba. From 23 Sep to 21 Nov 2014

To talk face to face with this concept is to establish a relationship with the essence of a self-absorbed humanity, which does not stop looking for solutions to the essential questions for which there are no answers.

María Reyes

Córdoba. From 20 Feb to 14 Apr 2014

The project is part of addresses concepts linked to domestic life and the obsolescence of objects that condense memory. The imaginary is constructed on the basis of re-reading field work and adding interpretations, using abandonment and ruin as an ideal material support on which to cross time scales.

Ana Barriga

Sevilla. From 19 Dec to 07 Feb 2014

Panel de control. Pintura fragmentada (Control panel. Fragmented painting) is about reviewing the use of fragments in painting. Adapting a non-linear and flexible process that expands the range of artistic possibilities. It applies the laboratory concept of assuming errors and findings as work methods.

Alicia Roy

Málaga. From 24 Apr to 15 Jun 2014

The project was created based on the extreme experience of the artist Alicia Roy with regard to the fire that occurred in August 2012 in the province of Malaga. Her family estate, a place of many memories, encounters and dreams, was burned down.

Jonás Torres

Sevilla. From 04 Dec to 20 Feb 2015

Estructura moral del paraíso (Moral structure of paradise) is a delicate connection made by the author in which he joins three photographic projects and a video created from 878 photographs. In each of them, he represents, in his own way, the pillars underlying the crisis, such as emigration, job insecurity and evictions, and of course the state of miserable people clinging to the past good times.

José María Escalona

. From 30 Jan to 30 Mar 2014

In ‘Los fantasmas vinculantes. Infancia, exorcismo y renacimiento (The binding ghosts. Childhood, exorcism, and rebirth), the primary premise is to confirm, and make lasting an event that is instantaneous or not, ephemeral or eternal, specific, theirs or yours, such that the experiential becomes transcendental.

Javier Artero • Alba Moreno & Eva Grau

Málaga. From 11 Nov to 06 Jan 2014

Tres Estados (Three States) is a framework of common reflection motivated by the space in which the project is carried out, the Iniciarte Space of El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a place that historically was taken by the sea.

David Escalona

Málaga. From 21 May to 19 Jul 2015

This site-specific project for the Espacio El Palmeral is an invitation to shatter the rigid compartmentalisation of the different disciplines and activate the spectator's imagination. Based on their own needs, the audience can continue the work, being every bit as creative as the artist himself, and they must overcome the limitations imposed or self-imposed through acquired habits and the process of learning.


Sevilla. From 16 Sep to 15 Nov 2015

This exhibition reflects on the nature of the gesture of daily life, exploring the relationship between public and private, value and function. It features works that are the product of constant motion, whose process and completion is related to their status as nomads in this world.



Sala de Exposiciones Santa Inés

From 19 Sep to 22 Nov 2020
Admiral's Palace

From 9 Oct to 27 Nov 2020
Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 25 Sep to 29 Nov 2020