José Jurado

Córdoba. From 29 Sep to 29 Nov 2015

This exhibition retrieves the historic Spanish Golden Age and its still lifes to re-contextualise them in the 21st century, the "Cash for Gold" Age. Traces of what remains the morning after a massive binge party are photographed from different locations and perspectives across Spain.

Jonás Torres

Sevilla. From 04 Dec to 20 Feb 2015

Estructura moral del paraíso (Moral structure of paradise) is a delicate connection made by the author in which he joins three photographic projects and a video created from 878 photographs. In each of them, he represents, in his own way, the pillars underlying the crisis, such as emigration, job insecurity and evictions, and of course the state of miserable people clinging to the past good times.

José María Escalona

Málaga. From 30 Jan to 30 Mar 2014

In ‘Los fantasmas vinculantes. Infancia, exorcismo y renacimiento (The binding ghosts. Childhood, exorcism, and rebirth), the primary premise is to confirm, and make lasting an event that is instantaneous or not, ephemeral or eternal, specific, theirs or yours, such that the experiential becomes transcendental.

Rafael Blanco (Nankayshan)

Córdoba. From 26 Feb to 26 Apr 2015

Today the languages of photography are expanding faster than ever before. People are talking about post-photography, the new reality and new documentary photography, and yet these new discourses continue to coexist with the most traditional canons of photography. This show examines all of that and the advent of the fictional photo narrative through 30 photographs.

David Escalona

Málaga. From 21 May to 19 Jul 2015

This site-specific project for the Espacio El Palmeral is an invitation to shatter the rigid compartmentalisation of the different disciplines and activate the spectator's imagination. Based on their own needs, the audience can continue the work, being every bit as creative as the artist himself, and they must overcome the limitations imposed or self-imposed through acquired habits and the process of learning.

Alejandro Martín Parra • Laura Franco Carrión • Cristina Sánchez • Zeus Sánchez • Lucas Alcántara • Vlad Cosma • Ignacio Estudillo • Adrián Olivares

Málaga. From 10 Mar to 03 May 2015

This group show reflects on the current orientation of institutions and the economic sector's growing interest in the arts, which has become one of Málaga's main tourist draws in recent times: 8 proposals for 8 different spaces.


Sevilla. From 16 Sep to 15 Nov 2015

This exhibition reflects on the nature of the gesture of daily life, exploring the relationship between public and private, value and function. It features works that are the product of constant motion, whose process and completion is related to their status as nomads in this world.

Jesús M. Sánchez • Claudia (Ihrek) González • Antonio Barahona • Mariana Hormaechea

Sevilla. From 05 Mar to 03 May 2015

The Past in the Present: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape from the Sublimecurated by Mariana Hormaechea attempts to examine the way in which three artists connect visions of the past with the landscape of the present, and how they construct the contemporary landscape from a romantic perspective.



Malaga Museum

From 19 Jan to 9 Apr 2023