ETIQUETA 'video'

Marta Galindo García

Huelva. From 08 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Digital Afterlife Project by the artist Marta Galindo García at the Huelva Museum. “Gilbert Simondon described death not as the elimination of individuality but as a hole left by that individuality".
Marta Galindo García

Córdoba. From 04 Feb to 03 Apr 2022

Exhibition of 'Digital Afterlife' of Marta Galindo García.

Arturo Comas

Sevilla. From 25 May to 29 Jul 2018

In the work of Arturo Comas we find a series of operable mechanisms, objects the author activates while inviting us, the spectators, to imagine that we are also participating in that action. However, Comas’s devices possess the nonsensical quality of uselessness, and some even lead us to project all our fears and frustrations on them.

Sara Blanco • Gonzalo Fuentes • Demetrio Salces • Leonor Serrano Rivas • Blanca del Río

Málaga. From 22 Jul to 25 Sep 2016

It is a group show with an intensely theatrical mise-en-scène designed to seduce visitors and make them actors in a performance based on scepticism, relativity and the simulacrum of the image.

Christian Lagata

Sevilla. From 22 Apr to 26 Jun 2016

This proyect of Christian Lagata reveal lived moments that have been extracted and placed in captivity. It is as if we had been handed a key without knowing which door it opens, ambiguously coaxing us to partake of a worldly wisdom that is not our own but still seems oddly familiar.  


Miguel Azuaga

Sevilla. From 19 Feb to 17 Apr 2016

'Towards the Other' combines the Romantic figure of the traveller with the harsh reality of the immigrant, from the most picturesque Alpine peak to the rust-stained industrial parks of Switzerland and its soulless railway stations.

Antonio R. Montesinos

Málaga. From 04 Feb to 03 Apr 2016

There is nothing random or coincidental about Antonio R. Montesino's exhibition project Entropía (Equilibrio, ruido, dispersión) [Entropy (Balance, Noise, Dispersion)], for through it the artist primarily aims to address and elucidate two themes that have dominated his recent work: the questioning of organisational models and the construction of new models based on a reinterpretation of objects that the current system discards as waste.  

María Ortega Estepa

Córdoba. From 17 Dec to 14 Feb 2014

‘Mapping-me deals with paths and landscapes such as cosmology of recognisable new mechanisms as an element of introspection. The paths are displayed as new metaphors, new lands to conquer.

Alicia Roy

Málaga. From 24 Apr to 15 Jun 2014

The project was created based on the extreme experience of the artist Alicia Roy with regard to the fire that occurred in August 2012 in the province of Malaga. Her family estate, a place of many memories, encounters and dreams, was burned down.

Javier Artero • Moreno & Grau

Málaga. From 11 Nov to 06 Jan 2014

Tres Estados (Three States) is a framework of common reflection motivated by the space in which the project is carried out, the Iniciarte Space of El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a place that historically was taken by the sea.