Los Vendaval. Rocío Arévalo y Pablo Alonso de la Sierra


Cádiz, 1978 y 1970

The members of this creative duo are visual artists, educators and freelance curators with extensive experience in the field of contemporary art. Their multifaceted professional activities, channelled through participatory and relational artistic projects, aim to challenge and undermine the elitist image of art. They believe that art education can make a significant contribution to the personal growth of individuals in society, and they use it as a powerful tool for promoting creativity, critical thinking and personal skills. Since the beginning of their joint career, they have designed numerous educational projects for different target groups, with a special focus on children and young people, collaborating with institutions such as I.A.J., Fundación Provincial de Cultura de Cádiz, local councils, schools and associations.

They currently live in Rota, Cádiz, and are the founders of the international artist residency programme Pinea Linea de Costa where, since 2013, they have managed the exhibition venue Espacio Pinea while running and coordinating the educational services offered there. They are also co-founders of FINDE-Encuentros de Creación Contemporánea en Fin de Semana [Weekend Encounter for Contemporary Creation].




Sala de Exposiciones Santa Inés

Del 16 Feb al 13 Abr 2019